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Karissa Dupree's Blog
Friday, 28 December 2012
3 Ways on How to Spice Up your Home’s Design

A house has to be comfortable. It shouldn’t be dull and uninteresting. Fortunately, there are few things that you can implement in order to achieve a home that will be appealing to you and your visitors. Here’s how you can do this:

The first thing that you need to do is to use a more exciting color scheme. If you have been using white, brown or gray for most things in your home, it might be the best time to change that. Next, you should consider adding a new and exciting spot in your home. This can be a garden or a patio that can give you that opportunity to relax and unwind. Last but not the least, redecorate your bedroom. As this is your personal space, the whole feel of your home will always begin with your bedroom.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:01 AM EST
Selecting a Platform Bed that Best Suits your Needs

Inside the bedroom, the bed is the most important piece of furniture. Of course, you need to it sleep on. And instead of just looking at the bed, you may need to closely inspect it. Take a careful look at how durable the bed is. What materials is the bed made from? How big or small is it? You may need to take a look at several pieces of furniture in order to obtain the best one. You may find here some examples of beds that will be most appropriate for you to have in your room.

There are beds with modern designs. There are also those that have intricate carvings and parts. For reason of practicality, some people may opt to have bunk beds or another space-saving bed. Carefully determine what your needs are for you to purchase the right one.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:01 AM EST
Becoming A Psychology Major
For some people it's pretty difficult to choose a major. I found that mine came easily. I come from a family that has a history of mental illness and this influenced my decision to become a psychology major. I felt that it was my duty to aid others, to help them get into recovery and to show them that their illness could be treated. I do not believe mental illness is a sign of insanity. It is a disorder within your brain that with therapy and medication can be helped. I like to think I help remove the stigma from this illness.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:01 AM EST
Ways I Save On Money
Living in a constant state of debt for two decades has led me to be ever-vigilant for ways to do literally everything less expensively than I'm doing it now. A few examples: buying food in bulk, driving the car as infrequently as possible, doing price-comparisons online, paying attention to "shelf prices" in stores, ordering the least expensive (yet still appetizing) thing on the menu, eating at home often, giving hand-made gifts, going on "free" outings or excursions, being patient enough to wait for outstanding sales on just about everything, watching for clearance or closeout items in stores and online. The main key to saving money is always constant vigilance.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:01 AM EST
My Favorite Beach Destination
Breathtakingly beautiful in its azure serenity, and yet strikingly commercial with the variety of food and trinkets for sale, is the beach near Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Dozens of activities invite delighted tourists, from swimming with dolphins to dancing the limbo-challenge to lively Jamaican music. Yet, not far from all the commotion, one can sit calmly near a reef and take in the peaceful lapping of the waves against the rocky shore, while watching the parade of cruise ships and countless sailboats slowly making their way to the docks just around the bend. A moment of sorrow fills the heart as the ship's horn beckons us to return, to leave behind a moment of paradise after an all-to-short sojourn.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:01 AM EST
Friday, 30 November 2012
Choosing a Vanity For Your Bathroom
Bathroom vanities are among the most useful types of furniture to have in bathrooms. They add character and style to any type of bathroom and their storage spaces also enables you to keep your bathroom clutter-free. Having a bathroom vanity provides solution to your storage space problem. Bathroom vanities also come is several styles and types. The amount of money you spend for this kind of furniture will also depend on the type of vanity you choose as well as the material used. To decide on a bathroom vanity style, it is not just your budget that you need to consider but also the available space in your bathroom as well as its functionality. If you want to start shopping for bathroom vanities, you can check out the options you can find here.

Posted by karissadupree at 6:04 AM EST
Benefits of Double Bathroom Vanities
Installing a double bathroom vanity is something you should consider to maximize the available space in your bathroom. Imagine having dual sinks in one bathroom. Two people will then be able to use the bathroom vanity at the same time without impeding each other’s space. This will help you save time particularly when you are sharing a bathroom with many family members. Having a double bathroom vanity also gives you additional space in the bathroom. You can store all your bathroom essentials and toiletries in one area so you can easily access them. This also helps keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. Bathroom vanities these days are made less bulky, which means they won’t take too much space in your bathroom. Take a look here and choose from the many designs and sizes available.

Posted by karissadupree at 6:03 AM EST
Break Time Is Super
I was grown up in a joint family which followed traditional values. This was really wonderful because it gave protection and love. I was secure in the hands of my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Now I miss all of them and am married to an engineer. The family is settled in a city and my children are usually tied up within the small premises. So I try to make them more active by taking them to different places. My family loves to go to places where there is fresh air and small lakes. We usually visit the relatives and friends in the holidays. From there we all go to a place where the children can play and have fun. We usually select places which are within our state.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:35 AM EST
Travelling Is Really Wonderful
As far as I am concerned, I love to travel to distant places in my own car. I just love driving and want to capture all the beautiful stills which await me. Great love towards nature has often made me find distinct places of wonder. Each and every move often brings me a lot of adventurous knowledge about different parts of the world. I just make my mind to relax and travelling is the best method to ease my problems. I usually pack all the rear things which I get during travel and my home is filled with special and rear objects. I also wander through the forest and have often seen herds of deer and elephants. I find this as the best method for relaxation after tough works.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:35 AM EST
Precious Days With My Children
It will be odd for me to hear about this. But I will have to do certain things for my family. I will find a good mother for my tiny tots. I would prefer one who loves children. I will ask my husband to do a favor for the whole family. Even if he is sad, I will make him understand the need for a better half for his future life. I will find a good teacher who can help my children in their studies. By authorizing my parents to look after my children's rights, I will feel a bit relaxed. Next I would love to go for a trip with my children to different churches in the state. As our day usually begins with a prayer, I will advise my children about the greatness of GOD.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:34 AM EST

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