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Karissa Dupree's Blog
Friday, 2 November 2012
Attending a Party of a Friend
Anna, a new friend from school invited us for her birthday party. It is my first time to see her house and I must say that the house is indeed impressive. It has really modern touch all over. I specifically love the modern bathroom cabinet in her bathroom. With the help of the furniture as well as lighting, the whole house was able to achieve the modern look. She told us that her mother loves architecture so she was really specific with details of design in their house. Well, that explained everything why their house looks so nice and glamorous. Honestly, I want a house similar to theirs.

Posted by karissadupree at 10:31 PM EDT
Choosing Bathroom Vanities for Newly Renovated Bathroom
My wife decided to renovate the bathroom in our bedroom so now we are busy looking for new furniture specifically bathroom vanities. She wants to have double sink bathroom vanities this time because single sink is definitely not suitable for the both of us who are using the bathroom same time always. My friend emailed list of sites with a simple instruction visit here. I opened the sites and I was so surprise that the sites were actually sites where you could order and buy bathroom vanities. There are definitely lots of beautiful designs so I will just wait for my wife to see it and then we could decide together.

Posted by karissadupree at 10:30 PM EDT
The Joy Of Pasta
Since the 14th century, when Marco Polo allegedly brought it to Italy from China, pasta has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet and my all-time favorite food. Although it has fallen into disrepute in recent years as a result of carb-conscious diets, there is nothing that can be said about it to convince me that it is anything except the food of the gods. Pasta is everything that you want in a food. It is inexpensive and it is tasty. It can be boiled, baked or fried. It is appropriate over the sink of a college dorm or on the table of a fancy restaurant. Pasta truly is the world’s one wonder food.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:39 PM EDT
There are many songs that I would use to describe my life, but the main song would be Perseveranceby the hardcore band Hate breed. Hate breed is my favorite band and their song perseverance is exactly what is sounds like. I have been through a lot in my life and I needed perseverance to carry on my daily life. This song has described my life in just one simple word because without perseverance I honestly do not know where I would be and if I would even be here at considering some of the things I have had to deal with, especially in the past few years.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:10 PM EDT
There were many games I loved as a kid and still love now, but my favorite of all would have to be monopoly. Monopoly was a game that just took forever to play, but I liked that. I liked that you got to spend time fooling around playing the game for so long. It also made me feel important when I was buying houses and properties in the game and such, which was cool. I played monopoly with my family often and friends sometimes and I still do bust out the old monopoly board and play occasionally to this very day.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:06 PM EDT
Monday, 1 October 2012
As Explained Here Bathroom Vanities Are Important
We always strive to give ourselves the best. Why can't we settle for less? There are different ways to satisfy yourself and one is to design a beautiful bathroom. A good bathroom offers you a wonderful cleansing experience. A fresh morning bath helps you start your day right. But, how will you create the most soothing bathroom without the essential vanities? Treat yourself for vanities that matter, a sink for instance. These will not just improve the look of the space but will even double the function of the room. This time, own not only a bathroom but a sure comfort zone.

As explained here, bathroom vanities are important. So, never say to yourself that they're just a waste of money. Plan what vanities you will shop for the next time you go out. Consider what are lacking. Prioritize those items that you do not have. Take a good bathroom cabinet in. Save enough cash. 

Posted by karissadupree at 12:12 AM EDT
My First Experience With Air Travel
I was really lucky with this because my first flight was almost forty years ago at a time when it was considered a nice luxury to fly. A friend and I found a cheap charter tour to Europe, landing in Rome and moving from there to Florence. It was a week, including everything, for about $400! We left from Kennedy Airport and there wasn't a lot of security checking and our friends and family could go right to the gate with us to see us off as long as they showed identification. And our flight was on one of those huge 747's that had a lounge upstairs. We thought flying would always be like this, with great meals and a lounge. Of course we were fortunate to have a little of the fairy tale while it lasted!

Posted by karissadupree at 12:11 AM EDT
Modern and Sleek Bathroom Enhancement
You can do a lot of things when you are at home. You may change the decors. You can change locations of the furniture like tables and chairs. You can also clean the dining and throw unnecessary stuff away. If you like to give your time to your private place this time, use some of the useful sites online like tradewindsimports.com. Make your bathroom more appealing and relaxing. Apply the latest ideas. Draw some vanities that are affordable. They are dual purpose. They fit whatever theme you wish to consider this time.

Look for the right place to buy such vanities. Don't waste your time by being in the wrong place. Modern-styled vanities are perfect for the modern way of life. They don't just add beauty. They increase the comfort of your home. A good home always makes you feel good no matter how bad your day is and the bathroom is a plus factor. So, enhance it professionally.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:10 AM EDT
The Web Is The Only Way To Travel
When my family plans a vacation, the first place we look is the web. When we want to be on the ocean within a reasonable driving distance from our home, we check out Google Maps. We can even decide if we want to take the more scenic route instead of the highway. After we find places that are within our driving distance, we start looking into reasonably priced lodging. The web has many for rent by owners sites as well as links to all hotels and motels. Once we've secured our lodging, we start looking into attractions of the area as well as local restaurants. We have successfully planned out our entire vacations using the internet as our only source.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:09 AM EDT
Anyone Can Start A Change
I live in Flint, Michigan. In our town there are a lot of homeless people walking the streets. You will see them standing on corners with signs asking for money, at the food pantries getting supplies and digging through trash at night. I want to help our community by providing a safe place where people who have no place to go can come shower, have a hot meal, use the internet and even sleep. We have small shelters but they are not big enough to house everyone. I vision a place where you can just show up and get a blanket and pillow and find a warm place to sleep, free water to bathe and brush your teeth and a hot meal to keep you healthy. I have already contacted the local charity groups in the area and hope to start a savings fund soon.

Posted by karissadupree at 12:07 AM EDT

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